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Activity report for 9 months

Nine months of russia's full-scale genocidal war against Ukraine. 90 years from the beginning of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 - the genocide of Ukrainians. Then we didn’t have our own state yet - the Kremlin starved 7-10 million of our compatriots to death. The purpose and methods of the russian occupiers have not changed for centuries — to intimidate and destroy the Ukrainian people - with hunger, murders, bans on language, culture, and missile terror.

The Ukrainian nation has always resisted the enemy, especially in the last 9 months. Because we have our own State and Armed Forces. In the eyes and with the support of the whole world we take everything that belongs to us by right and history. We take revenge on the enemy. All together, all the people, all the rear which helps our Defenders, The Armed Forces of Ukraine to beat the occupiers. We remember every crime of russia against Ukraine. Ukrainians are indomitable, we survived the Holodomor and revived our country.

Ukraine will defeat the enemy in this war. We work together to win.

1. For three months (24.08.2022-24.11.2022) Fund:

1.1 Received humanitarian cargo: - a total of 128 pallets, including medicines – 54, food – 69, clothes – 5 pallets. We continue our partnership with the Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership (Great Britain) from which 36 pallets of cargo were received, the Pharmaceutical Company Biokanol (Germany) - 51, the Pharmaceutical Company Biopharma (Poland) - 37, the Caritas Foundation (Poland) – 8 pallets.

Shipments of humanitarian aid sent - 69 Humanitarian aid received: Medical facilities - 22, United Territorial Communities – 8, Armed Forces of Ukraine – 33, other Organizations – 6, aid packages #Bluebox - 350.

In general, within three months, the Fund spent UAH 508,961 on logistics, medicines and medical equipment, clothing, equipment, products, and assistance to victims.

1.2 Daily priority. Together we will win! 35 targeted cargos to 12 locations were sent for our Defenders in the Armed Forces. The founder of the Foundation Ihor Vasyunyk together with volunteers made five trips to Sumi, Okhtyrka, Kharkiv, Chuguyiv, Izium, Slovians’k, Sivers’k, Kramators’k, Dobropillia, Pokrovs’k, Kurakhove, Mykolayiv with a total length of 11,000 km. In general, during these trips, 14 cargoes weighing more than 20 tons were delivered to our company, and three SUVs were handed over to our defenders.

1.3 Cargo to save lives Thanks to the partnership with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, medical facilities and institutions of Ukraine were given the anti-cold medicine Infacilin-400 and -500 - a total of 13,000 packages.

Medicines and other medical products, food products, clothing, and hygiene products were also delivered to the Western Military Medical Clinical Center of the region, a Communal non-profit enterprise "City Clinical Hospital No. 11" of Odesa City Council, Clinical Sanatorium "Roshcha" PJSC «Ukrprofozdorovnytsia», «Morshyn-Prykordonnyk» Sanatorium, Lvivska Regional Infectious Clinical Hospital, National Academy of Ground Forces named after Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyy.

1.4. Partnership with the First Volunteer Mobile Hospital (FVMH) named after Mykola Pyrohov. The Foundation is a partner of the First Voluntary Mobile Hospital (FVMH) named after Mykola Pyrohov. In total, 5 cargoes were transferred to the hospital, including medicine and other medical products, food products, clothing, and hygiene products.

1.5. Humanitarian project #BlueBox 350 families of Bogodukhivs’ka and Zolochivs’ka UTC (United Territorial Community) of Kharkiv region, Novokakhovs’ka UTC of Kherson region (temporarily living in the city of Kryvyy Rih) received 350 #BlueBox aid packages. In addition, medicines, clothes, hygiene products, and accessories were delivered to the residents of the liberated territories of these communities, including children.

2. In general, since the beginning of the full-scale war, the Fund "Humanitarian initiative" delivered 383 humanitarian cargoes to 151 recipients in 96 settlements, 24 regions, and the city of Kyiv. The target recipients of aid became 59 hospitals, 67 communities, 199 units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and VFTC (Voluntary Formation of Territorial Communities), and 900 Ukrainian families with children received 910 #BlueBox aid packages.

Thanks to the partnership with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 20,000 adrenaline auto-injectors were delivered to 434 medical institutions and institutions in 24 regions and the city of Kyiv.

Thanks to 75 benefactors from 7 countries of the world, the Foundation received UAH 4,041,043. Medicines and medical equipment, clothing, and food were purchased with the Foundation's funds, and 4,006,390 hryvnias were spent on logistics. In addition, 4 cars, 2 minibusses, metal for plating 10 APC (Armored Personnel Carriers), as well as quadcopters, weapon accessories, and tactical equipment were purchased and transferred with the funds of the founders and volunteers of the Foundation for the needs of the Armed Forces.

In total, the value of the humanitarian aid received or purchased with the funds of the founders and benefactors is $4.5 million.

The main focus of the Fund's efforts is aimed at minimizing the time interval between receiving the cargo and delivering it to the target consumer.

We thank all our partners, volunteers, and everyone who cares, and helps with contributions, contacts, time, and support.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to Heroes!


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