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Report for the sixth week of joint work for victory

Since the beginning of the military aggression against Ukraine, Charity Foundation Humanitarian Initiatives adheres to its top priorities meeting urgent needs and providing targeted assistance to city, regional, and children's hospitals in the war zone, voluntary formation of territorial communities, and fellow citizens, victims in the area of hostilities.

For the past week:

● Thanks to the daily work of volunteers, 60 pallets of humanitarian aid were sorted, formed, and sent, namely: 15 pallets of medicines and medical devices, 5 pallets of food, 10 pallets of clothes, 6 pallets of hygiene, 3 pallets of baby hygiene, 2 pallets of baby food, 4 pallets children's toys, 3 pallets of sleeping bags and mats, 1 pallet of engineering tools, 5 pallets of mattresses, blankets and bed linen, 6 pallets and 10 tons of hay for animals.

● We focused on delivering humanitarian aid to the liberated cities of Kyiv and Chernihiv regions:

○ In particular, the cargo was delivered to Bucha and Borodianka

○ The Foundation also delivered humanitarian aid to young Ukrainians at Yabluniv Lyceum in the Chernihiv region

○ Thanks to our logistical support, Kyiv Zoo received humanitarian aid from the “Four Paws” Charitable Foundation

● Generated target consignments are also delivered to: ○ Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital;

○ Sumy Regional Clinical Hospital;

○ Vyshhorod Central District Hospital;

○ Bibrka City Council;

○ Lviv Lyceum of Boarding School "Intellect";

○ Novobilousk village council and the “House of Mercy” Charitable Organization in Chortkiv (in cooperation with the “Pro Dobro” Charitable Foundation);

○ to the cities of Kharkiv and Chernihiv (in cooperation with the “Sviatoslav the Brave” Charitable Foundation);

○ to the Zaporizhzhia Refugee Center (in cooperation with the “Bereg Charitable Foundation”);

○ VFTC (voluntary formation of the territorial community) of the city of Kharkiv

  • Cooperation with our regular partners continues: we received a batch of socks from “Epicenter” free of charge, logistical support from LLC “LIXT” and “ITC” Company and volunteer help of the Center of temporary moved people “Halychyna”, Velykyi Lubin

  • Initiated cooperation with new partners of the Foundation – “Caritas Zhovkva Charitable Foundation of the UGCC” and Logistics Partner of the “Public Health Alliance”;

During the week, the Foundation received funds from philanthropists from Ukraine, Poland, the United States, and Australia in the amount of about UAH 120,877 in hryvnia equivalent.

We thank our partners, volunteers, and all those who help the Foundation with their contributions, contacts, time, and support. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

Generalized characteristics of the humanitarian cargo (since the beginning of the war) ● 157 pallets of medicines and medical devices ● 51 food pallets ● 40 pallets of clothes ● 76 pallets with hygiene products ● 50 pallets with a load of engineering tools, knee pads ● 9 palettes of children's goods: toys, food, hygiene ● 6 pallets of animal food and 10 tons of hay


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