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#BlueBox aims at helping Ukrainian families living in the liberated territories to recover from the consequences of the war as soon as possible, and to receive necessary aid: food, medicine, personal hygiene products, and household goods.

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Why we fundraise

It takes $96 to fill up one #BlueBox. Starting point of the project is delivering the first 200 boxes, which weigh about 2 tons, and cost $19,200.

That is why we started a fundraising campaign to collect donations, so that we could fill up and deliver as many #BlueBoxes as possible.

$9 | 315 UAH

 Children's Food and Child Care Goods for the #BlueBox

▫️Baby porridge, ▫️Baby puree or yogurt, ▫️Wet wipes, ▫️Toothbrush for kids, ▫️Toothpaste for kids, ▫️Baby shampoo, ▫️Toy

$48 | 1680 UAH

Food for the Family for the #BlueBox

▫️Buckwheat, ▫️Rice, ▫️Pasta, ▫️Canned meat, ▫️Canned fish, ▫️Canned vegetables, ▫️Baby porridge, ▫️Baby formula, ▫️Baby puree or yogurt, ▫️Dried fruits, ▫️Cookies, ▫️Chocolate

$96 | 3360 UAH

Full #BlueBox with Food & Hygiene Products for the Family

▫️Baby porridge
▫️Baby puree or yogurt, ▫️Baby formula, ▫️Buckwheat, ▫️Rice, ▫️Pasta, ▫️Canned meat, ▫️Canned fish, ▫️Canned vegetables, ▫️Dried fruits, ▫️Cookies, ▫️Chocolate, ▫️Wet wipes, ▫️Toothbrush for kids, ▫️Toothpaste for kids, ▫️Baby shampoo, ▫️Toy, ▫️Shampoo, ▫️Conditioner, ▫️Body lotion, ▫️Antiperspirant, ▫️Hand cream, ▫️Toothpaste, ▫️Toothbrushes, ▫️Sponge, ▫️Towel, ▫️Sanitary pads, ▫️Soap, ▫️Antiseptic

Who will receive #BlueBox

We are sending #BlueBoxes to families with 2+ children, who live in liberated territories in Kyiv oblast, Chernihiv oblast, Sumy oblast, Zaporizhia oblast, Kharkiv oblast, Zhytomyr oblast, Kherson oblast, Mykolaiv oblast.

As of May 2022, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated more than 1016 towns and villages in 8 oblasts of Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are struggling with meeting basic needs. All of them need help right now.

What is inside the #BlueBox

The full #BlueBox contains Baby porridge, Formula, Baby puree or yogurt, Wet wipes, Toothbrush for kids, Toothpaste for kids, Baby shampoo, Toy, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body lotion or cream, Antiperspirant, Hand cream, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Sponge, Towel, Sanitary pads, Soap, Antiseptic, Buckwheat, Rice, Pasta or Porridge, Canned meat, Canned fish, Canned vegetables, Dried fruits, Cookies, Chocolate.


Why #BlueBox project is effective

The first three months of work, from February 24 till now, has shown us how to form humanitarian aid in order to influence the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine in the most effective way.

On February 24, 2022, Charitable Foundation “Humanitarian Initiatives” urgently reformatted its work to respond to the most extreme challenge in modern Ukrainian history - overcoming the humanitarian crisis due to the war.


With over 20 years of experience, we quickly set up a chain of processes and logistics: from a foreign philanthropist through customs, our sorting center in Lviv, to the ultimate recipient - a Ukrainian family affected by the war.

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