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Help Ukraine

Every donation is used for the purchase of basic necessities: medicines, warm clothes, food for kids and adults, and immediate delivery to those in need in the war zone or to displaced civilians.

War and Humanitarian Crisis

On the 24th of February 2022 russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine, killing over 20.000 civilians in one month only in Mariupol. Brutal russian attack has lead to millions of people being misplaced internally, thousands residing in hospitals in the need of immediate medical aid and food supplies.

How we make a Change

Since the beginning of war against Ukraine, our top priorities are meeting urgent needs and providing targeted assistance to city, regional, and children's hospitals in the war zone, Volunteer Communities, and fellow citizens in liberated territories.


We provide medication and medical equipment, food and water, clothes, hygiene products, sleeping bags, logistic help unloading, sorting and packing goods,

delivery of humanitarian items to war zones.

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Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 20.42_edited

Our Advantages


Closeness to the European border and transport network through which the humanitarian help is received


We work around the clock


Minimization of the time span between the receipt of the aid and its delivery to those in need

Full Reporting

 Transparent weekly reporting on funds' activity

Full Logistics Cycle

Order, transportation, procurement, sorting, forming and targeted delivery of the humanitarian aid

We are from Ukraine

Direct access to recipients and understanding urgent needs on the ground

6$ donation

Can provide food or required medication for one person suffered from war

42$ donation

Can provide food, medication and urgent items for a whole family suffered from war

96$ donation

Help provide food, medication and necessary items for a shelter or purchase medical equipment for a hospital

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Help us make a change

Every donation is crucial. All funds raised go towards purchasing the medication, food, sleeping bags, children goods, hygiene products for those suffered from from, and logistic expenses.

Donate by Bank Transfer


Благодійний фонд 'Гуманітарні ініціативи'

 ЄДРПОУ 25252607

р/р UA623253650000000026001012987

АТ “Кредобанк”, МФО 325365 

Для переказів з-за кордону

Beneficiary: Charitable Foundation «Humanitarian Initiatives»


  • USD: UA733253650000000260090006116

  • EUR: UA163253650000026003020002987

  • PLN: UA163253650000026003020002987

Beneficiary Bank: JSC KredoBank Lviv, Ukraine

Beneficiary Bank SWIFT: WUCBUA2X

Recipients of the humanitarian aid from the Fund

For four months of full-scale russian aggression, we sent 285 target cargoes in 50 settlements 18 of which are regional centers of Ukraine.

Recipients of the humanitarian aid from the Fund


"We believe that by working together, we will help Ukrainians protect their lives, achieve Victory and bring peace to the Whole World as soon as possible!"


Our Team

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