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Our goal is an immediate response to the humanitarian crisis caused by the war, to meet the urgent needs of the people affected by the war.

Our main principle is purposefulness and efficiency. It is embodied in the approach "we study - we receive a request - we respond purposefully to it". Our humanitarian aid is based on the needs of the people, and its sole purpose is to save lives and reduce the suffering of people through war.

For us, volunteers of the Charitable Foundation Humanitarian Initiatives, the phrase "Alone we can do so little, together we can so much" is not a meaningless phrase. Helping people that suffered from the horrible atrocities of war unleashed against Ukraine by Russian regime is a testimony to the highest human values of devotion, mercy, sacrifice and the ability to change the world for the better. These values, along with the cohesion around common goals and feeling the sense of support is what unites us with our partners such as Climate Action, whose help and devotion are very notable and tangible to many many many people in the cities that suffered from the war across Ukraine.

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We need at least 10 volunteers on a daily basis who can help us receive, sort and pack humanitarian aid as well as photographers to help document the activity. All volunteers are provided daily with hot meals.

Volunteering hours:

10:30 - 19:00

Register as a Volunteer

Thank you for applying to volunteer with us! We will contact you shortly.

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