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Activity report for the two post-Easter weeks (24.04.22-08.05.22)

Despite the fuel crisis in Ukraine, the Foundation has delivered important humanitarian cargo (24 pallets) to Okhtyrka (Sumy region), from where it will be redirected to de-occupied settlements, as well as in partnership with the Public Health Alliance and Charitable Foundation "Association of Volunteers of Zaporizhzhia" took over medical supplies to Vinnytsia Military Hospital, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia Regional Hospitals.

During the last two weeks:

1. Prepared and delivered 34 humanitarian goods(218 since the beginning of the war) to 24 target recipients (since the beginning of the war - 103):

● Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health

● Regional Clinical Hospital, Zhytomyr

● Regional Clinical Hospital, Kharkiv

● Regional Clinical Hospital, Zaporizhzhia

● Khmelnytsky City Hospital

● Military Medical Hospital, Vinnytsia

● Zolotonosha Multidisciplinary Hospital, Zolotonosha, Cherkasy Region

● Clinical Ambulance Hospital, Lviv

● Lviv Regional Hospital for War Veterans and Repressed, named after Yuriy Lypa

● Military Medical Hospital, Lviv

● community of Okhtyrka, Sumy region

● community of Chyhyryn

● community of the village Drabiv, Cherkasy region

● in cooperation with the Charitable Foundation "Association of Volunteers of Zaporizhzhia" - the community of Zaporizhzhia

● Kharkiv DFTG

● Sumy DFTG

● Slavianska DFTG

● Zaporizhzhia DFTG

● Kyiv DFTG

● Charitable Foundation "Caritas Zolochiv UGCC", Zolochiv, Lviv region. We acted as logistics partners in the delivery of humanitarian goods for:

● Serhiy Prytula Foundation

● City Hospital, Khmelnytsky

● community of Novoiavorivsk

● Clinical Ambulance Hospital, Lviv

2. Received humanitarian aid from our partners in the UK - only 70 pallets with medicines and clothes. From the permanent British Climate Action partner - personal hygiene and food long-term storage.

3. Charitable funds in the equivalent of 321,860 UAH were transferred to the Foundation's accounts.

4. At the expense of the Foundation, medicines and medical equipment were purchased and spent on logistics 101,483 hryvnias.

The Foundation continues to adhere to the identified priority on the provision of

exclusively targeted assistance previously formed in conjunction with the recipient's request:

● hospitals, city, regional, and children's hospitals in the war zone and in affected regions;

● communities, DFTG forces, and our defenders (men and women).

The main focus of the Foundation's efforts is to minimize time interval between receiving the goods and delivering it to the target consumer.

Thank you to all our partners, volunteers, and everyone who cares and helps with contributions, contacts, time, and support.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!


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