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Report for 2 years of activity

Two years of the great, grueling war behind us, Russian fascism brought tragedy to almost every Ukrainian family.

For the sake of the memory of thousands of Heroes who gave their lives for our Freedom, for the sake of supporting our defenders - let's not stop helping the front even for a minute.

We have no other choice. No one will do it for us.

Yes, this is our destiny, the mission of Ukraine and Ukrainians - defeat Russian fascism, condemn and once and for all eradicate this criminal genocidal ideology, its bearers and executors.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to heroes!

Starting from February 25, 2022, the Foundation, thanks to partners, patrons, and volunteers, provides humanitarian aid 24/7 (medicines and special equipment, military and civilian clothing, vehicles, weapon accessories and tactical equipment, military special equipment, cars and other means, food products, hygiene products, goods for children) to:

●  Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, the Border Troops, the National Police, and the Military Police.

●  Hospitals, city, regional, and children's hospitals.

●  Communities and large families affected by russian aggression.

In total, since the beginning of the full-scale war, the "Humanitarian Initiatives" Foundation has delivered 933 humanitarian goods to 416 recipients in 155 settlements, 24 regions, and the city of Kyiv. The target recipients of aid, in particular, were:

●  87 medical facilities - 244 loads.

●  41 communities - 71 loads;

●  250 units of the Armed Forces, the National Guard, the Border Troops, the National Police, the Security Service of Ukraine, and TRO - 558 loads.

Thus, on average, we:

●  targeted humanitarian aid in the amount of over UAH 17 million was delivered every month;

●  9 shipments were sent every week, 90 percent of them - to areas of hostilities or to de-occupied territories;

●  every working day, the cargo was sent to our defenders at the front line or to their places of training.

TARGET PROJECTS implemented in the last six months:

● The co-founder of the Fund Ihor Vasyunyk, together with volunteers, made seven trips to the frontline and de-occupied territories with a total length of over 20,000 km. A total of 17 cargoes with a total weight of more than 20 tons were delivered during these trips. Logistically supported 30 similar trips of a group of volunteers. For the needs of the Armed Forces, 4 SUVs (Toyota Hilux, Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Murano, and Kia Sorento), 3 minibuses (Volkswagen Transporter T-4), 30 kamikaze drones, as well as 4 Starlinks, tactical equipment, water purification filters were purchased and transferred, energy products, sweets, fast food, etc.

● Obtained from Biokanol Pharma GmbH, Germany, and Biofarm Sp. z o.o., Poznań, Poland, 5 shipments of medicines worth almost $3 million

● On the initiative of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation, Ivan Vasyunyk, in cooperation with the charity organization "Berdychiv Charitable Fund Oberig-26", and with philanthropist Jack Cooper and volunteers, 36 generators were sent to 14 military units that protect Ukraine on the front lines of Kupyansk, Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiyivka, Zaporizhzhia directions, as well as received from partners from Great Britain - the organization Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership, and 70 new hospital beds were transferred to the First Territorial Medical Association of Lviv and Chernivtsi Regional Hospital.

● The president of the Foundation, Orest Chebeniak, handed over aid (Packages with clothes, children's accessories, sweets) to:

  • 50 children who study at the Communal Institution of the Lviv Regional Council "Velikolyubinska Boarding School 1-2 Levels";

  • 59 children of 44 families of fallen soldiers of 125 TRO brigades;

  • 24 children staying in the Children's Shelter of the Children's Service of the Lviv Regional Military Administration.

Important projects of the Fund for two years:

●  1,111 Ukrainian families with children received 1,121 Blue Box aid packages.

●  In partnership with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 20,000 epinephrine

auto-injectors were delivered to 434 medical facilities and institutions in 24 regions

and the city of Kyiv.

●  Over the course of two years, the co-founder of the Fund Igor Vasyunik, together

with volunteers, made 28 trips to the front lines and occupied territories covering a total distance of over 90,000 kilometers. In total, during these trips, 76 shipments weighing over 80 tons were delivered. Logistic support was provided for 90 similar trips by volunteer groups. With the funds from the founders and volunteers of the Fund for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 16 off-road vehicles, 9 minibusses, metal for the cladding of 10 APCs, as well as 100 kamikaze drones, 16 Starlinks, 50 generators, water purification filters, weapon accessories, tactical gear, sweets, instant food, etc., were purchased and transferred.

Thanks to 86 benefactors from 7 countries, the Fund received 5,120,253 hryvnias. With the funds received in the accounts, the Fund purchased medicines, medical equipment, clothing, food, and spent on logistics 5,062,456 hryvnias.

In general, for 2 years, the estimated value of the humanitarian aid provided is equivalent to USD 10.7 million.

We thank all our partners, volunteers, and everyone who cares, helps with contributions, contacts, time, and support. Special thanks to those who have remained with the Foundation throughout this time:

●  Biofarm Sp. z o.o., Poznań, Poland;

●  Biokanol Pharma GmbH, Germany;

●  Representative office of Farmak JSC in the Republic of Poland;

●  Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership;

BENEFICIARIES: Biofarm Sp. z o.o., BASICS GmbH, a SUN PHARMA company, Mr. Joseph W Caldwell, Dr. Kramarczuk Robert, Mr. Jack Cooper, Royax S.R.O., Kyocera International Inc, Trustbridge Global Foundation, PRJSC "LVIVOBLENERGO", UMA GS, LLC Leo-S, Global Usa Inc (Dr. Bo Denysyk), Mr. Michael David Scholey, Mr. Arnold B. Rudakewych, Mrs. Mary Rudakewych, Mr. Taras Krysa, Orkan Tactical Hubert Rogacewicz, Mr. Francis A Finelli, Dr. Ihor R. Mota, Mrs. Kari A. Johnstone, Mr. Andrii Palianytsia, Mr. Alex Eidelzon, Mrs. Natalie Eidelzon, Galaiko N. G., Porovchuk M. K., Porovchuk O. I.

VOLUNTEERS: Pavlo Bizhok, Danylo Boyko, Yaroslav Bondarenko, Vavrysh Roman, Ihor Voroniuk, Lesya Vasiunyk, Anna Vasiunyk, Pavlo Vasiunyk, Grytsko Gherard, Grytsko Yevhen, Yezerskyi Denys, Karkulevska Khrystyna, Kuzyava Vladyslav, Lobas Stepan, Meleshko Ihor, Ovcharenko Tetyana, Oliynyk Andriy, Pydgainy Denys, Mykyta Porovchuk, Olga Porovchuk, Yury Puts, Dmytro Savchak, Yaroslav Stetsiv, Oleg Syarkevych, Myron Tikhovskyi, Volodymyr Tkachuk, Nataliya Ulyanova, Sofia Chaklosh, Andriy Chebenyak, Solomiya Shtabalyuk, Andriy Scherbaty, Yaroshyk Taras.

We will continue to fulfill our mission and encourage everyone to continue cooperation.



Ivan Vasyunyk


Orest Chebenyak


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