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Helping children affected by the war

On June 1, the world celebrates World Children's Day. This day should be a reminder to all adults that children are the least protected part of society, in dire need of care for their rights and needs.

Charitable Foundation “Humanitarian Initiatives” has helped families with children, medical and educational institutions from different regions of Ukraine during the full-scale russian war. Our humanitarian aid was received by three educational institutions:

  • Lviv Lyceum "Intellect"

  • Kindergarten "Kazka", Borodyanka

  • Yabluniv Lyceum of the Chernihiv Regional Council

Our Foundation also actively helps children's hospitals. We delivered medicines and medical equipment for the following children's medical institutions:

  • Children's Clinic, Vinnytsia

  • Kyiv maternity hospital №6 "Livoberezhny"

  • Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

  • Sumy Children's Polyclinic No. 2

  • Regional Children's Clinical Hospital, Ternopil

  • Regional Children's Clinical Hospital, Kharkiv

  • Chernivtsi Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

  • National Children's Specialized Hospital OHMATDYT, Kyiv

  • Regional Children's Hospital, Khmelnytsky

  • Regional Children's Hospital, Cherkasy

In total, we sent 9 pallets of children's goods: toys, food, clothing, footwear, hygiene products. Our cargoes received 50 locations across Ukraine.

Kindergarten "Kazka" in Borodyanka, Kyiv region, was damaged during hostilities in the city. During the occupation, this kindergarten became one of the command posts of the russians. All the doors were knocked out, children's closets, furniture and playground were severely damaged.

Most recently, our Foundation transferred funds for the restoration of the kindergarten. All doors and components were purchased with these funds. Volunteer builders have already installed them and are continuing other repairs.

Families with children are returning to Borodyanka, as well as to other liberated cities of Kyiv region. Of the three local kindergartens, one is almost completely destroyed, the other is already accepting children, and "Kazka", with the help of philanthropists, will open its doors to the kids as soon as this fall.

Our Foundation also sent humanitarian aid to the Yabluniv Lyceum in the Chernihiv region. This boarding school has been accepting children for over 60 years. The child from the preschool group "Dzhereltse" received food, clothes and shoes, hygiene products and toys.

#HumanismInAction is the value that formed the basis of our slogan. The team of our Foundation is committed to this work with all our hearts, because we have unshakable faith in our common victory over the russian occupiers!


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