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Report for 6 months

This is to mark six months of fight between the Ukrainian people and the russian aggressor since the full-scale invasion in Ukraine. During these six months the entire civilized world united to help Ukraine, thanks to the courage and indomitability of the Ukrainian nation, bravery and professionalism of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our defenders, volunteers, donators, all people of good will.

In this Report on the half-yearly activity of the Fund, we recall the events and stages to outline our modest contribution, thanks to hundreds of volunteers, dozens of partners, and donators:

1. Start of work and first loads

The Fund’s office and warehouse were launched on February 25, and the first cargoes for Forces of Territorial Defense of the capital (medicines, chainsaws and special tools, food, personal hygiene items) were sent by train on the 3rd day of the full-scale war. Help became a top priority for the defenders of Kyiv - in the first 30 days, 50 cargoes were sent to Kyiv.

2. The first institutional partner

Cooperation with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies of the Republic of Poland - BIOFARM Sp. z o. o. from the city of Poznań and its owner, Mr. Waldemar Swarczynski was decisive. Already on March 3rd we received the first shipment of medicines for hospitals and clinics of Ukraine and the necessary means for soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Forces of Territorial Defense, for the total amount of 230 thousand US dollars. BIOFARM, within six months of cooperation, sent us the aid cargoes for the total amount of 1 (one) million US dollars.

3. Humanitarian partnership with Great Britain

Immediately after the beginning of the full-scale war of russia against Ukraine in February 2022, Climate Action launched the global humanitarian initiative 20-20-20. Its goal is to deliver the humanitarian aid to Ukraine in 20 days. At the end of March, we received the first three trucks with humanitarian aid with: drinking water, food, industrial goods, clothes, sleeping bags, pet food, etc. Later Climate Action sent two more shipments to the Fund and is still one of our key partners.

4. Special project in Poland

From March 28 to April 8, specialized intensive training courses for 10 Ukrainian defenders were organized and conducted in Poland in cooperation with Mr. Waldemar Swarczynski. Upon completion of the project, special purpose devices worth €10,000 were donated to the Fund, which were later transferred to the military units

5. The fastest targeted order

On April 1 thanks to the coordinated work between the Fund and the benefactor Taras Kytsmey (the founder of SoftServe) and a specialized manufacturer of medical equipment in Kyiv, we purchased and delivered within a day (for a replacement of the previous one, which was out of order) a high-frequency electro-surgical apparatus Nadiya-4 (applied for monopolar and bipolar coagulation of soft tissues and blood vessels using a high-frequency current in an environment without anesthetics) to the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital.

6. Precious cargo to save lives

In the second half of April, the Fund received the most valuable medical cargo from the Danish partner Med Tech Denmark with the logistical assistance of the Polish representative office of FARMAK JSC. ABL800 FLEX blood analyzers, ECG monitors Cortium Holter, vacuum suction devices, Eldon blood group analyzers and others medical products with an estimated cost of $1.6 million were delivered to 15 hospitals and medical facilities in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa, Vinnytsia, Lviv. And thanks to the partnership with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 20,000 adrenaline auto-injectors were delivered to 434 medical institutions and institutions in 24 regions and the city of Kyiv.

7. Partnership with "Hospitaliers"

In April, the Fund became a partner of the "Hospitaliers" medical battalion in the project creation of a unique ambulance. The fund transferred:

● 6 cardio monitors;

● vacuum suction;

● 3 oxygen concentrators;

● current converter;

● adrenaline auto-injectors;

● blood group analyzers;

● defibrillator.

8. Participation in reconstruction

In June, in cooperation with the "Zanovo" Charitable Fund, we accepted a financial proposal participation in the reconstruction project of the "Kazka" kindergarten located in the city Borodianka, Buchansky District, Kyiv Oblast.

The premises were damaged during the hostilities in the city. During the occupation, this kindergarten became one of the command posts of the russians. All doors, children's wardrobes, children's furniture and the playground were damaged.

With the provided funds, all doors and components were purchased, and construction volunteers installed them and carried out other restoration work.

9. Launch of the #BlueBox humanitarian project

In June, the Fund launched a new humanitarian project —#BlueBox Aid Packages. Since the first days after the launch of the project, requests from the victims of dozens of families poured in through all our channels, which made their processing complicated and long. Therefore, on the website of the Fund, we have created a separate questionnaire, which all those in need can fill out online, indicating the composition of the family, availability of IDP status and a list of necessary items.

The most valuable result for us was not only the numbers — 560 families who received #BlueBox Aid Packages — and feedback and words of thanks from people:

"You're doing good things, thank you"

"Hello! We have received your package. So many nessesary items, you are incredible. Thank you so much for your help in this difficult times. God bless you!"

"We've also received your aid package, I got no words. Thank you for everything you do!"

10. We have no right to get tired

In July, the Fund sent the 300th shipment, on average within six months, the Fund sends 2 cargoes daily. Humanitarian aid of the Fund was delivered to 24 regions and the city of Kyiv

11. Daily priority. Together we will win!

Already in April, more than 3 million in hryvnia equivalent were received from partners and benefactors to the Fund's accounts. So far thanks to 75 benefactors from 7 countries of the world, the Fund received 3,883,603 hryvnias.

Since the start of the full-scale invasion, the Fund has been procuring, receiving and sends humanitarian aid to our Defenders in the Armed Forces and Forces of Territorial Defense 24/7. A total of 153 targeted cargoes were organized and sent to 28 dislocations.

Medicines and medical equipment, clothing, food products were purchased and 3,497,428 hryvnias were spent on logistics. In addition, with financial support of the founders and volunteers we bought 4 cars, 2 minibuses, metal for plating of 10 APCs, as well as quadcopters, weapon accessories and tactical equipment were purchased and transferred for the needs of the Armed Forces.

In six months, the Fund received from Western partners and delivered to targeted consumers of humanitarian aid with a total value of more than $4 million. The main focus of the Fund's efforts is aimed at minimizing the time interval between receiving the cargo and delivering it to the target consumer.

We thank all our partners, volunteers and everyone who cares, helps with contributions, contacts, time and support.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to Heroes!

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