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Report for the period of 08.05.22 - 24.05.22

Three months of russia's full-scale war against Ukraine are behind us. Three months of heroic professional resistance of our Armed Forces and their nationwide support. Ukraine has persevered and, with the support of the entire civilized world, is approaching Victory over the enemy.

We have no right to stop, no reason to feel disappointed and desparate.

During the last two weeks 08.05.22 - 24.05.22 we:

  • Received valuable humanitarian goods from our partners Caritas Diecezji Elckiey (Poland) and Climate Action (Britain) - 62 pallets and 8 pallets of medicines from BASICS GmbH (Germany).

  • Supported the Project for the restoration of the kindergarten "Kazka” in the town of Borodianka, Bucha district - transferred funds for the purchase of all doors and components.

  • Prepared and delivered 26 humanitarian trucks to 22 target recipients.

  • Received charitable funds in the equivalent of UAH 70,110. The Fund purchased medicines, food and spent UAH 183,838 on logistics.

  • The Foundation has developed and prepared to launch the #BlueBox Project, which aims to help Ukrainian families living in de-occupied territories. The Help Package includes: food, medicine, personal hygiene products, household goods. Target audience of #BlueBox recipients: families in the liberated territories in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Zhytomyr regions.

In total, in the three months since the beginning of the war, thanks to the dedicated work of 250 volunteers, the sacrifice of 69 philanthropists from 7 countries and 35 of our partners from Ukraine and abroad, we purchased, received, sorted, formed and delivered 249 target cargos in 50 locations, among them - 18 regional centers of Ukraine.

Generalized characteristics of the humanitarian cargosу

  • 200 pallets of medicines and medical devices

  • 74 pallets of food

  • 33 pallets of clothes

  • 100 pallets with hygiene products

  • 50 pallets of engineering tools, knee pads

  • 9 palettes of children's goods: toys, food, hygiene products

  • 6 pallets of animal food and 10 tons of hay

In total, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Foundation has received charitable funds in the amount of UAH 3,408,791. The Fund purchased medicines and medical equipment, clothing, food and spent UAH 2,355,728 on logistics. The total volume of the Fund's humanitarian cargos is 472 pallets.

Partners of the Foundation

  1. BioFarma Sp, Poznan, Poland

  2. Med Tech Denmark, Denmark

  3. Climate Action, UK

  4. Vogt Medical, Kralsruhe, Germany

  5. JSC Farmak and its Polish representative office

  6. Koeltransport Aalsameer B.V., Bemmel, The Netherlands

  7. Rawplug S.A., Wroclaw, Poland

  8. Katowice and Lublin City Hall (Poland)

  9. PJSC Lvivoblenergo

  10. ZUT Medservice LLC

  11. Ministry of Health of Ukraine

  12. Management Company “New City”

  13. Lviv Railway

  14. Epicenter K

  15. Denon Dental

  16. Pharmacy "3i"

  17. BaDM

  18. Charitable Foundation “Svyatoslava Khorobrogo”

  19. Likht LLC

  20. Charitable Foundation "Association of Volunteers of Zaporizhia"

  21. Public Health Alliance

  22. Theological Seminary of the Holy Spirit of the UGCC

  23. Caritas Zhovkva Charitable Foundation of the UGCC

  24. TM “Rodynna Kovbaska” (Barcom LLC)

  25. Prykarpattia Dairy Farm "MUKKO"

  26. Mario LLC

  27. Four Paws International Charitable Foundation

  28. Galychyna Center for Temporarily Displaced Persons

  29. NGO "Free People of Volyn"

  30. BF "Dolonky-UA”

  31. Family bakery "Baker"

  32. Cooperative "Losyatyn Dairy Source"

  33. Caritas Diecezji Elckiey (Poland)

  34. Zhydachiv pulp and paper plant

  35. BASICS GmbH (Germany)

The Fund continues to adhere to the identified priority of providing only targeted assistance on a pre-formed request with the recipient:

● hospitals, city, regional, and children's hospitals in the war zone and in the affected regions; ● DFTG forces, our defenders in the area of hostilities; ● families with children in de-occupied territories.

The main focus of the Fund's efforts is aimed at minimizing the time interval between receiving the goods and delivering them to the target consumer.

We thank all our partners, volunteers, and all those who help with contributions, contacts, their time and support.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

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