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Report for four months since the full-scale invasion

We were completing our traditional monthly report on the evening of June 24th just when the news came from Brussels. A historic and fair decision. Its price is too high. We owe a great debt to our warriors - defenders and also - to tens of millions of victims of the russian enemy-aggressor - victims of the Holodomor, repressed and tortured Ukrainians.

But there is no time to celebrate the candidate to EU status. We can't stop and get tired. The struggle continues for everyone on their front!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!

During 24.05.22 - 24.06.22:

The Foundation prepared and delivered 42 humanitarian cargoes, including:

● 9 loads to medical institutions with medicines, medical devices, and personal hygiene products;

● 9 cargoes to territorial communities with food, clothes, blankets, pillows, personal hygiene goods, and footwear;

● 19 loads for our defenders with food, medicine, personal hygiene products, clothes, footwear, ammunition.

The Quadcopter DJI Mavic 3 was purchased and transferred to the destination at the expense of the Fund, and we also participated in co-financing for the purchase of the AGM Taipan TM 19-384 Thermal Imager and the Optical Sight.

The Foundation became a logistics partner in the delivery of humanitarian goods to:

● Kharkiv City Council;

● Charitable organization "Poltava Battalion of Charity";

● Charitable Foundation "+380";

● Lyceum №20 of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council;

● Charitable organization Center for Social Support of Children and Families "Open Heart";

● “Stay Safe UA” Charitable Organization;

● Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation.

During this month, the Foundation received humanitarian aid:

● 2 shipments from America from philanthropist Alexander Hamilton with ammunition for our defenders and 1 shipment with personal hygiene items and food;

● 52 pallets with humanitarian cargo from our Climate Action partners with blankets, pillows, medicine, personal hygiene items;

● 32 pallets with humanitarian cargo from our BioPharm partners with important medical equipment, medicines, food, and hygienic goods.

Also we have received the Philips Respironics Trilogy Evo ventilator - Philips Respironics EverFlo oxygen concentrator. The equipment will be handed over to the Hospitallers Medical Battalion.

NEW PROJECT of the Foundation: #BlueBox

Since June, the Foundation has launched a new project, the #BlueBox Aid Package. Its goal is to help Ukrainian families with children living in the liberated territories and internally displaced families recover as soon as possible from the effects of the war and get basic necessities: food, personal hygiene products, and household goods.

One #BlueBox costs UAH 3,360 ($96). In the first weeks, the Foundation collected 260 #BlueBox Aid Packages and delivered them to 101 families in Sloviansk city, Kostiantynivka city, Voskresensk village, Smila city, Chernihiv city, Cherkasy city, Khmelnytsky city, Lviv city, Migovo village, Gorodok city. The rest of the packages are ready to be sent soon.

We have launched a fundraising campaign to fill and deliver as many #BlueBox Help Packages as possible. You can make a contribution now:

Information about our Foundation is published on Wikipedia and the Cedos think tank.

Negotiations on a partnership with Monobank allowed us to receive charitable contributions under our IBAN number. So now users have even more opportunities to donate conveniently

You can also test this tool. To do this, go to the Monobank mobile application, select the Other payments → IBAN payment → option in the Menu and enter UA623253650000000026001012987

Done! Your contribution will be used exclusively to purchase the necessary items for #BlueBox.

We invite interested persons and organizations to partner in the project, to cooperate! Contact us at

In total, in the four months since the beginning of the war, thanks to the dedicated work of 250 volunteers, the sacrifice of 72 philanthropists from 7 countries, and 44 of our partners from Ukraine and abroad, we purchased, received, sorted, formed and delivered 285 target cargoes in 50 locations, from them - 18 in regional centers of Ukraine.

In total, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Foundation has received charitable funds amounting to UAH 3,730,975.

The Foundation purchased medicines and medical equipment, clothing, food and spent UAH 2,917,225 on logistics.

The total volume of the Foundation's humanitarian cargo is 557 pallets.

The Fund continues to adhere to the identified priority of providing exclusively targeted assistance on a pre-formed request with the recipient:

● hospitals, city, regional, and children's hospitals in the war zone and in the affected regions;

● DFTG forces, our defenders in the area of hostilities;

● families with children in the occupied territories.

The main focus of the Fund's efforts is aimed at minimizing the time interval between receiving the goods and delivering them to the target consumer

We thank all our partners, volunteers and all those who care, help with contributions, contacts, their time and support.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!


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