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Report for the first month of the war

Since the start of the Russian full-scale military invasion in Ukraine, The Humanitarian Initiatives Charitable Foundation has been standing by its primary goal which is to meet the urgent needs and to provide targeted assistance to the city/regional/children’s hospitals in the areas affected by war, Ukrainian citizens who suffered in combat zones, as well as to the representatives of the Voluntary Formations of Territiry of Territorial Communities.

The main focus of the Foundation's efforts is aimed at minimizing the time gap between receiving the goods and delivering them to the target recipient.

During one month since the beginning of the war, the Foundation has received humanitarian aid from Poland, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and delivered targeted humanitarian assistance with the total value of more than 30 million UAH to more than 30 recipients in need.

Geography of deliveries includes Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernigiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Vinnytsia, Brovary, Irpin, Pryluky, Bila Tserkva, Ozerne, Druzhkivka, Starokonstiantynivka, Puschcha-Vodytsia, and other cities across Ukraine.

Thanks to the assistance from the City Hall of Katowice (Poland), the Foundation has been able to utilize a warehouse that serves as a hub for large shipments to be redistributed for further shipment to Ukraine.

Foundation’s bank accounts have received funds from its founders and from ordinary citizens from all over Ukraine, as well as from international donators in Poland, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, with a total value of 1 925 000 UAH.

Foundation’s Partners

Our trusted partners, together with whom we are carrying out our humanitarian mission, that includes international companies, Ukrainian enterprises, and banks:

• City Hall of Katowice and Lublin, Poland

• Climate Action, GB

• Foundation of Culture of Spiritual Frontier, Lublin, Poland

• BioFarma SP, Poznan, Poland

• Vogt Medical, Carlsruhe, Germany

• Koeltransport Aalsameer B.V., Bemmel, Netherlands

• Rawplug S.A., Wroclaw, Poland

• Theological seminary of the Holy Spirit of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

• Epicenter

• TM “Rodynna Kovbaska” (LTD Barkom)

• Milk farm from Prykarpattia “MUKKO”

• PJSC Lvivoblenergo

• Farmacy “3i”

• PO “Free people of Volyn”

• Charitable foundation “Dolonky-UA”

• Charitable foundation “Sviatoslav Horobry”

and many more

Recipients of our humanitarian aid:

• Heart Institute of Ministry of Health of Ukraine

• City hospital in Kharkiv

• Kharkiv region clinical hospital

• City hospital in Pryluky

• City hospital in Starokonstiantynivka

• Children’s hospital in Vinnytsia

• Mechnikova Dnipro region clinical hospital

• Yuriya Lypy Lviv region hospital of veterans and repressed citizens

• Lviv Military hospital

• Kyiv region cardiological dispensary

• Centre of primary medical aid in Pivdenne, Kharkiv region

• Mykolayiv region military administration

• Chernigiv region military administration

• Odessa region military administration

• Sviatohir joint territorial community

• Boiarka joint territorial community

• Vendychany village council, Vinnytsia region

• Chief administration of National Police in Cherkasy region

• “Budynok Myloserdia Vifezda”, Druzhkivka

• Human rights organization “Schit”

• Voluntary Formation of Territorial Communities of Kyiv, Brovary, Kharkiv, Irpin Puscha-Vodytsia, Bila Tserkva, Pryluky, Ozerne, Kyiv Voluntary Formation of Territorial Communities Coordination center.

Generalized characteristics of humanitarian goods:

• 92 pallets of medicine and medical instruments

• 32 pallets of food

• 12 pallets of warm clothes

• 40 pallets of hygienic goods

• 30 pallets of instruments

We are grateful to all our partners and to everyone who is helping the Foundation with donations, liaisons, time, and attention!

Together we will win!

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the Heroes!


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