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How we helped during first 2 weeks of war

During the two weeks since the beginning of the war, the Charitable Foundation "Humanitarian Initiatives" mobilized and targeted humanitarian aid totaling more than 10 million hryvnias, including

Forest wildfire

• 25 pallets with a cargo of medicines and medical supplies

• 6 pallets of food

• 2 palettes of warm clothes

• 2 pallets with hygiene products

• 18 pallets with a load of engineering and military tools and knee pads

• 350 kilograms of meat products, semi-finished products and cheese

Also for the first priority in the first 3-4 days of the war, medicines and medical supplies were purchased in the pharmacies of the city of Lviv at the expense of the founders and charitable contributions received on the Fund's accounts in the amount of about UAH 500,000.

The Foundation provides logistical support to partner volunteer organizations in the transportation of humanitarian aid and the provision of vehicles, drivers and fuel.

Our reliable partners with whom we carry out our humanitarian mission are international companies, Ukrainian companies and banks, including:

• Spiritual Frontier Culture Foundation, Lublin, Poland

• BioFarma Sp, Poznan, Poland

• Rawplug S.A., Wroclaw, Poland

• Epicenter

• Family sausage

• Mukko

• LvivOblEnergo

• Pharmacy 3I

• NGO "Free People of Volyn" and "others"

The Foundation is a partner of the international organization Doctors Without Borders to provide logistical support for their humanitarian aid program in Ukraine.

One of the most valuable features of the Ukrainian people is the ability to self-unite and self-organize in times of great challenges. The best example of such features is the material assistance provided by ordinary Ukrainians. In the first days of the war, we collected more than one ton of items, which were instantly transferred to the combat zone.

The target recipients of our assistance during this time were:

  • Mechnikov Regional Clinical Hospital, Dnipro

  • Starokonstyantynivka City Hospital

  • Children's Hospital of Vinnytsia

  • Pryluky City Hospital

  • Kharkiv City Hospital

  • Three Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Kyiv

  • Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Kharkiv

  • Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Irpin

  • Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Pushcha-Vodytsya

  • Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Bila Tserkva

The Fund's accounts received funds from our fellow citizens from all over Ukraine, as well as foreign charitable contributions from Poland, the United States and the United Kingdom in the amount of UAH 1,372,500. Without exception, all funds are used for the purchase and logistics of delivery of humanitarian goods. All staff of the Foundation work on a volunteer basis.

Our priority in the coming days is the formation of individual medical first aid kits as well as further provision of targeted assistance to city, regional and children's hospitals.

Together we will win!


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