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Report for the 5th week of joint effort for victory

Since the beginning of the military aggression against Ukraine, Charitable Foundation “Humanitarian Initiatives” adheres to its top priorities meeting urgent needs and providing targeted assistance to city, regional, and children's hospitals in the war zone, volunteer territorial civil units, and fellow citizens, victims in the area of hostilities.

For the past week, the Foundation:

● Enlisted the support of new partners - received four humanitarian cargoes from

Climate Action from Great Britain within the framework of the initiative 20 * 20 * 20 (20 cargoes of 20 tons in 20 days). Food, baby food, medicine, clothes for adults and children, hygiene products, mats, sleeping bags, and more required things total weight of about 60 tons;

● Also, the second shipment with medical devices arrived from Vogt Medical (Germany);

● In total, more than 120 tons of humanitarian cargo were received and processed in a week;

Formed target consignments were sent to:

○ Kyiv and region ;

○ Odesa;

○ Zaporizhzhia (in cooperation with the Charitable Foundation “Association of

Volunteers of Zaporizhzhia);

○ Mykolayiv;

○ Kharkiv (in cooperation with the Charitable Foundation of “Sviatoslav the


○ Vinnytsia and region.

● Thanks to the coordinated work between the Foundation, philanthropist Taras Kitzmey (a founder of Softserve) and a specialized manufacturer of medical equipment in Kyiv, we bought and delivered in a day (for replacement of the previous one, which failed) high-frequency electrosurgical device Nadiya-4 (used for monopolar and bipolar coagulation of soft tissues and vessels with using high frequency current in an environment without anesthetics) to the Regional Clinical Hospital in Kharkiv.

● The Foundation's cooperation has been launched with the Center for Temporarily Displaced Persons "Galychyna" (Velykiy Lubin). 20 volunteers of the Center help to sort, pack and form cargoes for shipment.

● During the week, the Fund received funds from philanthropists from Ukraine, Poland, and the United States in the amount of about 600,000 in hryvnia equivalent. Funds were used exclusively for the purchase of medicines, equipment, and logistics.

Thank you to all our partners, thank you to everyone who helps the Foundation with donations, contacts, time, and support.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to Heroes!


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