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What we achieved in just 3 weeks

Since the beginning of the war of aggression against Ukraine, the Charitable Foundation "Humanitarian Initiatives" adheres to its priority options for providing this assistance:

● city, regional and children's hospitals in the war zone,

● Volunteer Territorial Civil Units in the area of ​​hostilities.

Palm trees during a hurricane

The main focus of the Fund's efforts is to minimize the time between receiving the download and delivering it to the target consumer.

Within three weeks since the start of the war, the Foundation received humanitarian goods from Poland, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands and targeted humanitarian aid totalling more than UAH 25 million, including:

● 75 pallets of medicines and medical devices

● 25 food pallets

● 7 palettes of warm clothes

● 23 pallets with hygiene

● 25 pallets of cargo engineering tools, knee pads…

The Charitable Foundation continues to purchase medicines, medical supplies and other priority needs to finance the Founders' Funds and charitable contributions received on the Foundation's accounts.

Fund for logistical support of partner volunteer organizations in the transportation of humanitarian aid and the provision of vehicles, drivers and fuel.

Our reliable partners, among these companies engaged in the humanitarian mission, are international, Ukrainian companies and banks, including:

● City Hall of Katowice and Lublin, Poland

● Spiritual Frontier Culture Foundation, Lublin, Poland

● BioFarma Sp, Poznan, Poland

● Vogt Medical, Karlsruhe, Germany

● Koeltransport Aalsameer B.V., Bemmel, The Netherlands

● Rawplug S.A., Wroclaw, Poland

● Epicenter K

● TM “Family Sausage” (Barcom LLC)

● Prykarpattia Dairy Farm "MUKKO"

● PJSC Lvivoblenergo

● Pharmacy "3i"

● NGO "Free People of Volyn"

and more.

Thanks to the assistance of the City Hall of Katowice, Poland, the fund has a warehouse that serves a logistics building for transshipment of bulky goods and further transportation in Ukraine.

The Fund's logistics partner is LEWTRANS (owner Pavlo Bizhok, with its own fleet of 6 trucks.

The Foundation is a partner of the international organization Doctors Without Borders to provide logistical support for their humanitarian aid program in Ukraine.

One of the most valuable features of the Ukrainian people is its influence on self-unification and self-organization in times of great challenges. An example of such features is the material assistance provided by ordinary Ukrainians.

The target recipients of our assistance during this time can be seen below.

Volunteer Territorial Civil Units:

  • Six Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Kyiv

  • Two Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Kharkiv

  • Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Brovary

  • Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Irpin

  • Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Pushcha-Vodytsya

  • Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, White Church

  • Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Pryluky

  • Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Ozerne, Zhytomyr Region

  • Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Svyatogorsk

  • Volunteer Territorial Civil Units, Boyar


  • Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

  • Kharkiv City Hospital

  • Pryluky City Hospital

  • Starokonstantynivka City Hospital

  • Children's Hospital of Vinnytsia

  • Mechnikov Regional Clinical Hospital, Dnipro

  • Pivdenne Primary Health Care Center, Kharkiv District


  • House of Mercy Vifezda, Kyiv, st. Druzhkivka

  • Intercession Human Rights Organization Shield

  • Coordination Center of the Kyiv Police Department

  • Main Directorate of the National Police in Cherkasy Oblast

  • Kyiv City Military Commissariat, st. Parkovo-Syretska, Kyiv

The Fund's accounts received from our fellow citizens from all over Ukraine, as well as foreign charitable contributions from Poland, the United States and the United Kingdom in the amount of UAH 1,768,500. All without exception use for the purchase and logistics of delivery of humanitarian goods. All staff of the Foundation work on a volunteer basis.

Our advantage in the coming days is the formation of medical needs in medical institutions and medicines among hospitals, ordering these needs from foreign partners and further targeted assistance to city, regional and children's hospitals, as well as volunteer territorial civil units.

Together we will win!


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