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Foundation ‘Humanitarian Initiatives’ and British organization Climate Action became partners

On March 28, the ‘Humanitarian Initiatives’ Charity Foundation received the first three trucks with humanitarian aid from our partner Nick Henry, founder and head of Climate Action, UK. The batch contained drinking water, food, clothing, sleeping bags, pet food and more. This aid is provided under the global humanitarian initiative 20-20-20.

Immediately after the start of a full-scale russian war against Ukraine in February 2022, Climate Action launched a global humanitarian initiative 20-20-20. Its goal is to deliver to Ukraine 20 trucks in 20 days with 20 tons of aid in each.

Volunteers of the ‘Humanitarian Initiatives’ Foundation sort all the goods according to the target needs and directions, so that each city, community and hospital receives not random things, but exactly what they are in dire need of right now.

Timeliness and purposefulness are the key principles of work for our Foundation. In times of war, people in need of vital assistance from different parts of the country must receive it. Our Fund cannot allow the misuse and waste of the aid provided us by many partners. We greatly appreciate the efforts of benefactors from abroad who have come together to help Ukraine!

Organization Climate Action is a platform for effective partnerships between business, government and public authorities to accelerate the development of the green economy.


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