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Support for Ukrainian Hospitals 

#BlueBox Project

#BlueBox aims at helping Ukrainian families living in the liberated territories to recover from the consequences of the war as soon as possible, and to receive necessary aid: food, medicine, personal hygiene products, and household goods.

It takes $96 to fill up one #BlueBox. The starting point of the project is delivering the first 200 boxes, which weigh about 2 tons and cost $19,200.

That is why we started a fundraising campaign to collect donations so that we could fill up and deliver as many #BlueBoxes as possible.


Our Impact


Families with children received the #BlueBox Humanitarian Aid Package


estimated cost of humanitarian aid provided over 18 months of war


cargos with humanitarian goods delivered to 363 recipients in 125 settlements, 24 places and the city of Kyiv


shipments were sent every week, 90 percent of them - in the area of hostilities or de-occupied territories

What we do


Regional, city and children's hospitals

We collect inquiries from medical institutions in the hot spots and provide the necessary medicine and medical equipment


Full logistical support

We provide a complete logistics cycle: communication with providers and recipients,  sorting, delivery tracking and reporting humanitarian aid


Volunteer communities & families in liberated territories

We regularly provide warm clothes and footwear, mats, sleeping bags, food and water for volunteer communities and families in liberated territories

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International cooperation

We are building a global network of partnerships to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine caused by the military actions of russia

Get Involved -
Help Ukraine establish 
Peace in Europe


Your donation will help save the lives of Ukrainians today. All donations go towards the needs of hospitals, Volunteer Communities, and families in the liberated territories.


Doing good with us is very simple, we are in constant need of volunteers. We guarantee hot meals and team spirit. Check the details and join us today! 

"We believe that by working together, we will help the Ukrainians protect their lives, achieve Victory, and bring peace for the Whole World as soon as possible!"

Our Team 


Our Reports

The Ministry of Health pays tribute to the Humanitarian Initiatives Charitable Foundation.
We are very grateful to you for your support in difficult times for our country and for providing charitable assistance under the Agreement on Charitable Donations of April 25, 2022 between the Charitable Foundation "Humanitarian Initiatives" and the State Institution Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine ».

We appreciate your partnership and your contribution to the good and healthy future of Ukrainians who are defending their homeland and the world from the enemy. Together we are stronger and only by joint efforts will we win.

Sincerely, Minister Viktor Lyashko

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